wedding sheddings and crazy!


I attended a wedding last night. Expecting the same old details of the decor, the beautiful bride, the okay-ish looking groom, the hyper mother and the composed father…? tiiiing..  Wrong!

This was an interesting wedding with two brides, two grooms, and lots of family. 

Ever wondered what it must be like for brides who suffer from stage fright?? Sitting on the stage for more than three hours, under the scrutiny of in laws and hundreds of guests, how do they manage to not faint from anxiety? It’s simple really… The make up, the hairdo, the intricately designed clothes, they all give the bride enough confidence that she can actually be on stage without puking her guts out. 

And then, sharing the stage with another bride… That should be a whole different story, but that actually helps appease the nervousness that a bride might feel on stage. So if you were wondering why the two brides were not pulling each other’s hair out, trying to look better than the other, you should know that they were actually probably really glad that they were not alone on stage, under the very bright spotlight of the family torch!

So once the guests started coming in last night, the ceremonies began… There were some really strange things being done to the Brides but I bet they enjoyed them because if its your wedding, why wouldn’t you enjoy everything that makes you the center of attention? They were lifted by their brothers onto a chair, in the middle of the stage, and made to wear a beautiful garland each, and then brought down by their brothers again. During this ceremony four bowls of sweet meats were placed at the four corners of their chair. 

No one ate those bowls of mithaai I can assure you… 

The two brides were also made to wear new shoes by their mothers in law to signify their new roles as wives. You remember how we say “why don’t you step into his/her shoes and then think of the situation from his/her point of view?” The new shoe ceremony kind of reminds me of that…

Then there was the ceremony where the bride and groom feed a spoon of rice and sugar to each of their unmarried friends so that they get married soon too. Single cousins and friends of friends of friends are also included in this little activity. And let’s not forget the Brides’ fathers or married uncles, who would also rush towards the stage for a spoonful of the magic marriage maker, just to get a verbal lashing from their wives, who by the way, could not successfully hide their smiles at their husbands’ crazy antics! Do these people really get married soon as a result? Nope… But we still follow traditions!

Another ceremony involved offering a sip of the traditional saffron and dry fruits drink to the friends and very close relatives of the bride and groom. Yes, just a sip! Along with the one sip of this really delicious drink, the special guests also received a small gift as a token of gratitude…Gratitude for attending the wedding, I think.

Anyway, there were a couple more of such ceremonies that were funny to watch and interesting to experience. But they all made my wedding experience insanely fun!

Pictures, selfies, pretty clothes, heavy make up, funny old people, and crazy cousins, they all ended up making the wedding loud and happy and an event worth placing in the not so far recesses of my brain. All this also made me realise that I actually enjoy weddings. Specially if the wedding is of my husband’s best friend and his sister! 🙂



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