5 reasons why e books trump paper books…

Ever since I learned about the hidden world of e books online, I have not been the same! Who would have thought there could be a whole library of the latest books that could be all yours, free of cost, at a click of a button!? Not I, that’s for sure!

So, one fine day, I was bored at work (my workload was as heavy as an ant’s eye lash back then) and I decided to read up on the latest books. I was searching for a review on Hunger Games, when I came across the option of downloading the e book. FOR FREE! And then what do you know, I downloaded the book and the remaining two books in the trilogy, and I have never looked back since!

Over the years I figured out the easiest ways of downloading and storing my e books, and I can safely call myself the queen of e book downloading (rule-I’ll always be queen in my world!) Anyway, so I downloaded books from torrent and 4shared and stored them on my 4shared account, which I could easily access from my phone as well as my e reader. I went window shopping for books on goodreads.com, an amazing website which has every possible book that was ever published on this green planet! Life was-is great!

But my life before I discovered e books was filled with real paper books, with crisp pages, a nice cover that I could look at every time I picked the book up to read, subtle smell of good quality paper, and dog ears! (how i miss those dog ears!)

So why did I end up switching completely to lifeless electronic books? What made me come to this life-changing turn of events? Fret not my friend, I shall reveal the secret to you below…ย *drumroll*ย 

  1. Ease of acces- If you have ever tried searching for an e book online, you can bear witness to this statement; ‘E books are easily available and accessible’. I agree that it is also easy to go to a book shop and tell the sales guy there to give you book XYZ, pay for it and leave! However, downloading an e book is far less work because you don’t have to move the lower half of your body (unless you need to plug your e reader to a charger) and you do not have to use your hard earned savings to purchase a new book. Now how can it get any better than that?
  2. Reader friendliness- You know what you cannot do with a paper book? You cannot carry it around in your tiny hand bag to work, or the supermarket, or to University because the book just doen’t fit sometimes! And if you’re reading a trilogy and Book Two is about to end and you might need to start Book Three immediately because of a cliff hanger ending, God help you carrying around two books in one ladylike handbag! An e book, however, lives happily in your phone (you don’t even need to carry your e reader around everywhere). So if you’re at work and you can’t control the urge to know what Jessica said to Bill that made him kill Brandon, all you have to do is take your cellphone to the toilet and pretend you’re pooping your heart out, while reading the intense scenes you could not resist! No one will ever guess what you were actually up to ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have to wait for your class to begin, or you are stuck in a traffic jam, all you need to do is open your e book on your phone and read away!
  3. Still not convinced? Here is the third reason why e books are awesomer than paper books… You cannot carry a paperback novel to a boring family wedding. What you can carry, however, is your cellphone. And on your cellphone you can read really important official business type super long emails that have several pages and look like e books because they are just so longย *wink wink*
  4. Independent of electricity- Don’t we all know what it’s like to share a room with someone who cannot sleep with the lights on at night because he/she has see-through eye lids and all the light in the room just insists on falling on his/her face? (God forbid they cover their faces with a blanket to let their roommates read in peace!) Paper books usually require some form of light in order to be read. An e book, on the other hand, can be read on night-mode with the lights off. Phones and e readers have their own lights, remember? Oh, the marvels of latest technology!
  5. And last but not least, e books are easy to hold. When you are lying down in bed and you have to hold a thick novel over your face, it can give your wrist a strain and your face a squished nose if the book were to fall on your face! But an e reader can be placed on a cushion on your tummy (you can use the stand it has at the back to support it on the cushion) and use your finger to tap the screen when it’s time to flip the page! Why, how incredible is that!?

If you’re still a fan of paperback books and think I’m blind to the beauty of life’s true bounties, then it’s okay too! We’re all entitled to our own opinions. But having said that, I think you need to wake up to the benefits that technology is presenting to us and do what’s more practical! Unless you’re a gazillionaire and can afford to purchase whole libraries of books! Then, I am not arguing!


3 thoughts on “5 reasons why e books trump paper books…

  1. This was such a great post. I have always been sceptical of digital books, for many of the same reasons you have pointed out. I love the feeling of holding a real book in my hand, the smell of the paper and the sounds the pages make as I flip them. These things, I agree, are more about romance, than rationality, and being able to read in a dark room or having your book be accessible in any number of places is a great feature that e books allow. The only issue you run into, is that the downloading of free books doesn’t allow the authors to benefit from us purchasing their books and getting due credit for their work, which could have some pretty dire consequences on the entire literary industry in the long run. I have bought a number of e books of of amazon.com and have to say was very surprised at home much I enjoyed reading them off of my e-reader (I have the kobo and I love it!). Anyway, keep writing J, I enjoyed your witty language, and of course your pooping references. Miss you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You actually have a very valid point there about authors not getting their due credit when we download free books! But if it makes you feel any better The Space Between Us was a paid copy from Liberty Books ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’m glad you agree that e books are actually more practical than real books, because I’ve seen you carrying real books around with you everywhere!! So wow, they must actually be something ๐Ÿ™‚
    Miss you too Hazari! and yayy for the pooping references!!!

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