O Laundry! Why art thou not folded?


O Laundry! Why art thou unfolded?
Are you so mean that you like to see me get scolded?
You smell so pretty, yet look so crumpled,
It looks like you and a grizzly bear just cuddled.

It may seem hard at first, O Laundry,
But try not to be so weird and crease-y,
Be better than the rest and come out folded,
Don’t make my mom shout at me to “FOLD IT!”

You’re old enough to fold yourself, O Friend,
If I am 25 then you should be a hundred and ten,
Because you’ve existed since much before I was born,
And now because of your laziness you know I am torn.

I swore to protect you when I bought you from the store,
But nobody warned me folding you would be a bore,
So I hope that you will understand this message,
Because if you don’t fold yourself, my dear, there will be mass sacrilege.

You will be shoved in my cupboard untidily,
Unless you abide by my rules, O Laundry.
Fear for your appearance, dearest clean clothes,
Because I will be ruthless. No remorse. No guilt. No woes.

Yes, I hate folding clothes. Even my own. If any one knows an easy way of folding t shirts, socks, pants and shirts, please feel free to get in touch!