Big King Versus Big Mac

I happen to love good food! And I work in a place where my colleagues love good food just as much!

So how do we spend most of our lunch breaks? We eat out! It’s fattening, it’s unhealthy, and it’s the most satisfying way to spend our lunch breaks too!

Two of my colleagues and I are usually open to trying new things but we tend to shy away from fast food joints like MC Donalds and Burger King. I am not sure why we haven’t visited them before, but we decided to go against the norm and go to Burger King last Wednesday!

It was the day before 14th August and we went to Burger King in Khayaban-e-Nishat. The place was ringing with patriotic songs and there were green and white balloons all over the place. But what caught our attention were the centerpieces on each of the tables! Each table had an empty box of the Kings Collection Burgers (Big King and Chicken Big King) with a yellow crown sitting on top! The creative marketing of these new burgers was enough to push us to try these royal meals out!

You know what a Big Mac is right? So the Chicken Big King is the same thing, only much much better! It has two layers of Chicken patties between three layers of Bun. What makes the Chicken Big King so special? The special sauce that goes between the layers, the fresh buns, the tasty patty of chicken, and just the right amount of seasoning made it a winner for me! Now I normally don’t eat a Chicken Burger unless it’s from a Chicken place like KFC, but when I tried my colleague’s Chicken Big King, I knew what I’d be ordering next time!

What I ate was the Big King. This burger was in Beef and it was the real deal! I haven’t had a juicier burger in Pakistani fast food joints before and I fell in love with the burger instantly! Similar to the Chicken Big King except for the Beef patties instead of Chicken, I was quite surprised by the quality of the Burger! True to its name, the Burger was royal and I enjoyed every last bite.

I will recommend The Kings Collection to all burger lovers who want to eat a good burger during lunch breaks but can’t spare the time it takes to eat a gourmet burger! It’s the closest you will get to the real thing. And if you’re a fan of Big Mac but haven’t eaten it in a long time because of the sad quality that MC Donalds now serves, then you will definitely want to try the Chicken Big King!

Enjoy your food!





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