Thank You Domex!

I haven’t been to Sunday Bazaar since the beginning of Summer, but the weather seemed cooler today and the clouds were out to hide the sun for a while, so my friends and I decided to spend the day shopping!

I found some very good things at Sunday Bazaar today and even though most things seemed very expensive in the beginning, we managed to snag some excellent bargains! I spent half my day buying exciting things that I really don’t need, eating junk food, drinking sugarcane juice and lots and lots of water!! The weather was great, but walking around the bazaar, haggling with hawkers, and trying to navigate the way through tiny walkways was tough and demanded hydration!

As a result, there came a point when we were ready to go home but a little far from the car and all the liquids in our systems were trying to pressurize us into using the washroom! I knew there was a washroom in Sunday Bazaar and I also knew that I never used it to for a reason. It was always dirty, smelly and overcrowded! But not today! What I saw today (and you can see it in the featured image as well) was a pleasant surprise from a cleaning agent called ‘Domex!’

Domex had re-done the ladies’ and gents’ washrooms. The Ladies’ washroom looked clean from outside so I figured it must be clean-ish from inside too and considering it was a bladder emergency I decided to walk in and take a chance! I was actually surprised to find a clean, well-lit, well maintained washroom with four separate cubicles and a maid to keep the place constantly clean. There was a bottle of Domex in each cubicle and it certainly kept the toilets shining! The floors were tiled and not flooded with water, and seeing as how Sunday Bazaar is a sandy place, the washroom did not have traces of sandy footprints in it at all.

So ladies, if you plan to hit the bazaar next time, don’t be afraid to visit the brand new washrooms made by Domex and make your shopping experience more comfortable!



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