So I’m a female driver… STOP looking at me like that!!

See that girl getting into the tiny white car? Yep that one in heels. That’s me. Just like every morning, I am driving myself to work today. I’m taking my usual route; No signals, no ‘stop’ signs, no waiting anywhere. Do you notice the fancy silver car in front? See how it’s going super slow? Can you see the driver’s greasy grin in his rearview mirror? I think he’s trying to prove a point. (That he’s the king of all sleazy slimebally creepy men). I’m not honking at him, as you can see. It’s not because I’m the most patient person in the world. It’s only because I don’t want him to know he’s succeeding in annoying the hell out of me. Does he really think I’m going to give up so soon? Ha! In your dreams, loser. I’m just going to wait until the narrow road ends and the main road begins…

At last I’m free from the treachery of the silver snail, and I continue on my way. The little ‘V’ road that will take me to the bridge is where I like to go slow to avoid getting hit by speeding cars coming from the other road on the side. Uh oh… That happy looking police man wants me to stop my car. Did I do something wrong? He’s asking me to show him the car’s documents. I ask him why while reaching for the dashboard. Before I can open it he moves away from my window and tells me I can go. Huh… Why did he even stop me then? I could be wrong, but I think he’s on drugs. Oddball!

Do you hear that song? It’s my new favorite. Oh look… That truck is going slow in the fast lane. I’ll just change my lane and move to the middle lane. Woah… The truck driver suddenly grew a conscience and decided to move to the middle lane two seconds before I could. I should just stay in my lane. Did you see that crazy motorcycle? It just overtook my car from the wrong side and now it’s going zig zag right in front of my face. “honk!” What’s with the dirty look he’s giving me? I’m not the one driving in the wrong lane!? Sheesh! Finally a free road. I’m really enjoying this music… Is that a woman strolling on the main road? Really? Can she not see the pedestrian bridge overhead?

Anyway… I’m five minutes away from my office. The road’s busy now. Everyone’s in a rush. Why do people keep honking at me when there is a car in front of me? My car didn’t come with a flying gear, people!! What do you want me to do? Go through the car in front me? The road’s clearing up. I am this close to getting through to the next bridge, but Ugggggh! Why do these sneaky minibuses have to stop in the middle of the road to pick up passengers?

Do you see those men on the bike on the left? They have a grin glued to their dark, skinny faces. And not surprisingly, they’re grinning right at me. Do I look like I’m out to make new friends? STOP smiling at me baboons, you’re not making yourself look good!! Oh good, the Black Mercedes just overtook the bikes. Yayy no more grinning monkeys to avoid eye contact with. No… I didn’t think the old man driving the Mercedes would be any less of a grinning idiot than the bike boys. I wasn’t wrong. He’s smiling at me too. Disgusting!

By the time I reach work, I feel like I’ve been through a cycle in the washing machine. I am exhausted and irritated by the experience. When I was given the car keys, I felt grown up and independent. I was excited to drive myself to work and other places. I was happy to be my own boss, not having to depend on someone else to pick or drop me! I didn’t know that driving in Karachi was such a frustrating experience. No one follows the traffic rules, no one even follows the rules of civilization. Men stare at female drivers, and they deliberately make it difficult for us to drive. It’s already a crazy ride what with the dug up and broken roads, puddles on the main roads and blistering heat! Stop being so mean to us, men. We’re human too!

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