Naya Pakistaniii?

I took a midday nap. It’s not a usual part of my routine but I was exceptionally sleepy today so the nap was unavoidable. I’m up and dressed for dinner with friends. We are going to Burns Road for an assortment of street food. The roads look unrealistically clean today, not a single plastic bag in sight. Don’t look at me like that, I am just as shocked as you are. Cars are parked only along the footpath and the food stalls seem to be pushed back from the main roads. Doesn’t look like Burns Road does it? Could have fooled me too! I see so many trash cans around! I guess people finally started using them…And what’s with the street lights? I can read a book on the road there is so much light here. I think I just saw a mini bus stop at…OMG is that an actual Bus Stop?

Hmmm… maybe it’s the out-of-routine nap I just took, or maybe I’m in an alternate universe, but whatever I see around me right now, it’s perfect! Let’s just review the cool things we saw together:

  1. Street Lights that actually work.
  2. Clean Roads (Did I not mention that no one in the car threw trash outside their windows? I’m sorry, I may have forgotten.)
  3. Responsible food hawkers who are keeping their businesses off the main roads.
  4. Respectable people who are parking in legit spaces and following traffic rules.
  5. The mini bus driver who stopped at a bus stop to pick up passengers rather than the middle of nowhere.

That’s 5 things that made my world a much better place for one entire night. 5 things that I wish happen in my Naya Pakistan. 5 things that are in complete control of the common Pakistani man!

So who needs political protests and dharnas and Facebook statuses to bring about change? All we need to do is work on our own bad habits and start thinking about others too, and we are good to go!

Oh, and to all those people who actively put up highly opinionated statuses about the dharna being silly and a waste of time… Tell me something, what have you done for your country to bring about a positive change? Anything worth sharing? I look forward to reading about your investment in our country!


2 thoughts on “Naya Pakistaniii?

  1. You’ve got quite an interesting blog, here. Fun to read. It’s good to see another person making the call for change withIN. It has to begin with us. Couldn’t agree more!

    • I’m glad you agree Naima! 🙂
      I see so many people complaining about lack of inquilaab or lack of improvement in the country’s situation, but they dont realise that they’re harming the country just as much as a corrupt politician!
      We have a really long way to go…

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