What I do NOT go to the salon for…

If you’re reading this post then you’re most likely a woman. But if you’re not, then take my advice and move on to the next post, honey. This is not for you!

Dear Salon Girls,

Believe it or not, when I feel like having a good chat with someone I call up a friend or meet up with her. Call me crazy, but I do not go to the salon to socialize. I don’t know where you get your information from, but someone needs to tell you that your clients don’t like to listen to non-stop chatter and be expected to respond to it! Contrary to popular belief, we have other women to interact with, so please take the chatter down a notch!

You know why we DO visit the salon? To get our overgrown eyebrows taken care of, to get our nails and hair done, to be cleaned up and to look more presentable in public. I don’t know if you got the memo, but we definitely do NOT come to you to be criticized. I for one do not like to hear the obvious being stated! Yes, my eyebrows are weird, get over it! Move ON!

But I am willing to overlook that stuff, ladies, because maybe I’m being just a little uptight! However, what I cannot overlook is dirty stuff being used on me! You may be overworked, you may be too busy to take care of the little things, but you still need to take some time to sanitize the tools you use! You take quick lunch breaks, great! But you’ve got to find the time to wash your hands when you’re done! The last thing I need is oily and smelly fingers on my face!

You’re probably thinking that I’m being whiney now. But let me tell you that THIS is not the whiney me. This is the nice and polite me. So stop making excuses for your shortcomings and understand what you need to change!

You know when I’m getting a pedicure, I expect my feet to be treated with care, I like them to look clean after the procedure and feel smooth to touch! I also expect to feel relaxed and maybe even a little pampered. The last thing I need is to hear snickering and whispering between two employees while one of them is working on my feet! It’s rude, obnoxious and very annoying! You may not even be discussing my feet, but it sure feels like you are! So stop doing it!

I have been meaning to write to you for a while and having finally done it is a huge load off my chest! I will still keep visiting the salon though, you know that right? Because a girl just cannot live without her beauty regime! But I cannot promise to be nice to you if you add extra chatter, free germs, and rude comments to the beauty care package! So no hard feelings, okay?



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