Thanks for Pushing My Car!

While driving back from work on Saturday, I came across a human barrier on the Expressway. A group of 6 to 8 men walked onto the road, held hands, and stopped all the cars from passing through. I saw the group early enough to slow the car far away from them, but in my panic to turn the car around, I let go of the clutch and the car stopped suddenly. At that moment all I could see was the end. I knew that was it for me. I was convinced those men had large weapons and they were going to shoot me.

With no other choice but to face what was happening ahead of me, I looked up. At the cost of sounding completely insensitive, I will admit that I was relieved when I saw the reason for the road block. Some of the men were carrying a casket, while others were blocking the cars so that the procession could cross the road smoothly. If I wasn’t alone in the car I would have laughed out loud at the ridiculous thoughts I had just moments earlier.

As soon as the men started clearing away, the cars behind me started honking. Everyone was in a rush to leave. My car, however, was in no hurry. The moody old machine refused to start.

While trying to  think of who to call for help, I looked to my left. A Domino’s rider was right beside my car and he must have noticed that my car was not starting because without a word, he parked his bike on the side, climbed off it, and offered to push the car. I gladly accepted his offer!

He pushed the car and while doing so another man came to help. Five minutes later the car started and I was merrily on my way back home!

Had it not been for the Domino’s rider, I don’t know how long I would have had to wait before help arrived. The wait would still be fine, if only it wasn’t for the terrifying thought of armed men lurking around every corner of the city waiting for their chance to pounce on unguarded citizens and rob them!

In my haste to leave, I forgot to ask the rider his name. But I know that I will never forget what he did for me! And because of him, Domino’s just earned itself a very loyal customer!

Thank You, Mr. Rider, you just proved that chivalry is not completely dead!!

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