I Screamed for Ice Cream!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had good ice cream.

It seems like it was years ago that we used to go to Gelatto Affair and have a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream with their dark cone. I remember looking forward to eating it at Park Towers and enjoying every bit of it. Until I stopped liking it altogether. They stopped caring about the quality and the ice cream stopped tasting the same as before.

Over the years ice cream lost its appeal for me because there just wasn’t anything interesting enough or yummy enough to look forward to! A few months back, however, Magnum introduced the new Magnum Store. Finally a new ice cream parlor that focused on ice cream rather than cake and other desserts. I was excited to try it out and I did.


I had the chocolate Magnum with Dark Chocolate Dip, fruit pebbles, rice crispies, and honey comb. Now I am usually the last person to experiment with colors and fruity flavors, but I am glad that I tried something new, because that ice cream was simply dreamy! And the funny thing is, I thought the heavily coated ice cream would be difficult to bite into and would probably be too messy to eat, but eating it was easier than having a soft cone!


I was also quite impressed with their Hot Chocolate. My friend ordered what they named ‘crème de cocoa’ and it was a hot drink with almonds and marshmallows floating in it. That drink was pure indulgence and I would totally recommend it to people who love pure chocolate!


I really enjoyed my experience at the Magnum Store and I’m glad that there’s finally some interesting ice cream to look forward to again!

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